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I watched 7 episodes of it and it is terrible. People say that it gets good after 25 episodes so I skipped to episode 26 and it is still terrible. Then I read that it’s actually after episode 30 that it gets awesome. The whole show is 49 episodes. I am pretty sure I don’t need to elaborate on that.

GaoGaiGar is terrible because it’s your generic monster of the week show. It’s predictable and formulaic. A basic episode goes like this, bad guy turns angry civilian into robot. Good guy transform into giant robot, execute finishing move, turns bad robot back to civilian and the end.

There are no adversaries, no climaxes and no up and down because it’s so predictable. The good guy would always win and even if there’s some trouble, there will always be new tools and other deus ex machina shit( which by the way, are totally toy commercial products) appearing and save the day. Never once you felt any tension or danger for the main character because it’s clearly a kid show where there isn’t really a payoff at the end of an episode.

There are no manliness, no hotbloodiness because there are nothing that would beat the main character down to the point where he would need the power of wills and guts to overcome his adversaries. There are no big bad speech that tells you how courage and hardwork beats everything. All you have is some throwaway ridiculous line that tries to hard to be passionate but failed because there’s nothing to be manly about.

Rinse and repeat and this shit goes on for 20 or 30 episodes, depending on which source you listen to.

No matter how good a show becomes, it’s ridiculous that you need 30 episodes, 12 hours of your fucking life, 5 masturbation sessions for you to get there. I may have a lot of time but fuck me for having better things to do.

Now, I am entirely ok with the “it gets good later on” bullshit and always believe in it. Stein;Gate is the prime example of that where I have to sit through 13 episodes of  generic terrible character interactions where the plot moves nowhere and have no idea or promise of any decent payback, just because someone told me that it gets good after 13 episodes, which it did.

Though, I am still bitter that the first 13 episodes suck so bad and because of that, I wouldn’t even dare to recommend it to others because I know how ridiculous it sounds when you say that shit only gets good after 6+ hours. Actually fuck that, I am sure people would dig it and think that the first 13 episodes were awesome because they have no taste.

Hell, I even gave Gintama a chance and watched 30 episodes of that shit even though I didn’t even chuckle once, which leads me to believe that I would totally win the  “don’t laugh while we play this amusing clip”  competition because I didn’t laugh once with this supposedly best comedy of all time. I finally gave up on it because my friend told me that it only has like 20/250 good episodes and the first good episode appears during some ridiculous episode count like 58 or something.

My point is, “it gets better later on” works if it is under 14 episodes or in Gintama’s case, 1/8 of the show( as I heard that after episode 20, it only gets more and more awesome, which it doesn’t). Anymore than that and I would hate myself.

Believe it or not, I am so anal with watching anime that I pay so much attention that I would ask myself what did the characters say 5 mins ago. If I forgot that, I would rewind the show to refresh my memories even if the show is dull. If I don’t do that, there will be this nagging feeling of not really “completing” a show even though I don’t know what’s the fucking point in completion anyway.

In simpler terms, I can’t just blast through 30 episodes of trite bullshit while chilling out like others do.

Then there’s also another quirk of mine where I would notice sub that is just making shit up because I understand enough Japanese to get all anal when I find discrepancy. Then what did I do after noticing the discrepancy? I fucking rewind it to listen to the same dialog multiple times just to make sure. Make sure of what? What’s the point of doing that? I don’t know but there would be this nagging feeling if I don’t do that.

So GaoGaiGar is nearly impossible for me to hold on to until 30 episodes if I marathon it. I want to hold on because I know it would turn into hot blooded shit that I love but I would be just torturing myself if I do that.

So now I am treating GGG like how it really should be, a daily cartoon that runs for not more than 2 episodes per day. I am now interspersing GaoGaiGar with Patlabour TV where I would watch like 2 episodes of them one after another during a specific period of time like how it would be if I watch them on TV. Hopefully, that would make things more digestible and I can finally complete these two anime and move on with other stuff like Patlabour 2.



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