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The most important thing that should be presented in all romance genre are conflicts and tragedies. Why is a harem good in the first place? It is good because there are conflicts , choosing one will hurt another. What will the hurt  one do? What will happen in the race against the one you love? Who will finally be with the one they desire? What will then happen to the one that got rejected? All these stuff are unpredictable and get the viewer to be passive with the progress.

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Nice boat is definitely about love . Head in bowling ball bag too.

Nice boat is definitely about love . Head in bowling ball bag too.


Valentine days made me ponder on issue about love and romance. First to make things clear , the only experience I have with my beloved friend “romance” is by watching 100 over anime that touches on love. So what exactly did I gather from my rich experience on the topic “love”?

What I learn from anime is that it teaches us that true love is about decision making, true love is about caring for the one you loved and true love is definitely about bondage and nice boat . But that’s just anime , so what does true love means in real life? Read the rest of this entry »


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