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Paranoia Agent looks like a critical commentary about moe but then  sort of whizzes out in the end and became a story solely about facing the reality . Yes , it’s ok to have a cute cat but not a cute dog because now the designer isn’t using the cute dog to escape her childhood trauma . Does that imply that moe is ok if no one use it to escape reality? I guess so .

Well , that’s all right and I pretty much agree with that but I will prefer it to be totally one sided and show that Tokyo was destroyed due to that moe dog because all you fucking moe otaku watching this show are relying too much on the false peace to escape from your trouble.

Nevertheless , it was still bold and spectacular. Even without the moe commentary that I pulled out off my ass while I watch the show to pleasure myself with my “intelligence” of being able to get the deep message , the plot itself was solid and gripping . The life of the characters are also pretty fucked up and we all know how fucked up characters are really interesting to watch because everyone is a sadist deep down inside . If not , we won’t think that the rape jokes of DMC are badass nor will we laugh at episode 8 of Paranoia Agent because they made suicide hilarious , right?

That’s all folk as I don’t think I need to mention how animator is such a shitty job , everyone and their mother are hoping that some kid will swing their bat to knock them out of this shit .


In recent years , we have seen lots of talents in the anime/manga world passing away . Just these 2 years , in the manga/light novel  industry , we lost Kaoru Kurimoto(Guin Saga) ,   Takahiro Yamato (Kaze no Stigma)  , Yoshito Usui(Crayon Shin Chan) and Tadashi Kawashima(Alive) . I have seen some of these authors’ work and can consider myself as a casual fan for them , but even though their death is sad ,  frankly , it doesn’t affect me as much as Satoshi Kon’s death . It’s not difficult to see why . When you talk about animated film, just how many prominent directors are there? On top of my head ,  I can only think of Mamoru Hosada , Mamoru Oshii , Satoshi Kon , Makoto Shinkai , Hayao Miyazaki , Isao Takahata and Katsuhiro Otomo. Man , you can even count the numbers with your fingers! And that’s the whole reason to be sad , we just lost one out of the handful directors who can create such wonderful anime films. It’s like taking away food during poverty or the death of an inventor who has the ability to do much more . It’s devastating .

Now , I don’t consider myself a hardcore Satoshi Kon fan because I have only watched his Tokyo Godfathers but even so , his death had spoilt my day . It’s hard to imagine how his  hardcore fan felt . To be frank , I am planning to watch his other works this coming holiday but now after his death , I actually felt bad  for pirating his work . With that , I decided to delete his works on my computer and went out to search for the original dvds just to show my respect for him . I managed to buy Paprika after much hard work but unfortunately , I couldn’t find Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue , which I doubt  had been licensed here in Singapore . That’s sad and I am conflicted now whether to watch the pirated version or wait till I could import it. This is not about piracy or supporting the industry  , but rather , it’s the only  way I can think of to  show my respect to him  , a way to keep the fond memory of his works.

Now I really wonder what will happen to  The Dream Machine , I really hope that it can be completed since Satoshi seems to know about his pancreatic cancer in May in which I guess it is his wish that it will be finished as well …


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