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To quote Wikipedia, “There is no evidence on any link between the modern romantic connotations of modern Saint Valentine’s Day and the rites of the ancient Roman festival, despite many claims by many authors.”

Translation: Marketing people made up bullshit and tarnish the fucking name of one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine just to make money. I am not a Christian yet I find that to be very offensive and insulting.

Valentine day is just a marketing tool that was forcefully pushed down your throat and encouraged consumerism which programs you to splash big money on this shallow, meaningless day. You shouldn’t conform with this bullshit and let greedy corporate earn your hard earned money by jacking up their price during this “Special Day”.

So if your girlfriend asks you for a Valentine celebration, fuck her and dump her (figuratively and literally) because she is stupid. Otherwise, educate her so to make sure your future offspring won’t become a dumbass. There is no reason you should follow something made up by someone and let them control your life.

Anyway, take your anniversary and make that your Valentine Day instead, that will be more meaningful.

Shingu is a weird show; go watch the first 3 episodes then drop it because you find it to be slow and nothing happen for long stretch of time. I wrote this because this is supposed to be an anime blog so I must force some anime shit out of my ass.



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