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Everybody must have watched an anime so epic that they can’t really seem to get over it. Something like Kanokon? Damn those pantyshots and big boobies. Why can’t I be like that Kouta bastard? Curse and swear, real life is so unfair! *Ahem* As you can see such hangovers is very dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. In this post, I shall teach you how to get on with life after watching epic anime(s). Animu animu fap fap Shouryu loves fapping.

Shouryus lovin it

Shouryu's lovin' it

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Most of the time when we choose something like say, books, we’d look at its cover page, its title, its price or anything except its summary and synopsis. And sometimes we even buy on impulses. The same reasoning could be applied to animes too. I will share with¬† you people how I judge an anime by its title, it may not be 100% correct all the time, but it generally has more hits than misses. And do continue¬† reading for more epic stuffs you never thought of. Read the rest of this entry »


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