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In the past , I really hated my country , however when I grew up , I come to accept and think that Singapore is really quite a wonderful country to live in. I treated that hate as ignorance , as a mistake of the youth . However , a recent insignificant event reminded me on why I hated my country in the past . I don’t hate my country because of the government or the system they implement , I hated my country because of the people living in here . The absurdities people,¬† especially retarded teens churn out here were really blood boiling . In school looking at people’s lack of common sense yet being arrogance sadden me , not that I should care about them but the amount of stupidity bother me and that says a lot . Enters a local forum and you see lots of shit , enters a neighbourhood school and you see the same amount of shit again .

Not to mention ,the trend of “paikia” or pseudo gangster is growing really strong . Kids nowadays have sex when they are barely 14 and smoke when they are barely 12 . They also give lots of ridiculous comments about gangs and shit while acting big . Why they do that? Because to them , those are cool and stylish . In other words, those absurdities are fashion for them . Something along this line of nonsense being treated as a definition for cool just show how blood boiling they can be at times.

I am not a moralist ,neither am I a really sane nor intelligent person to place my judgement on them  but the fact that teenagers are getting more and more absurd remain as a fact and it is jarring and offensive .

Maybe the reason why I am happy with my country now is because I have escaped from the hell of stupidity and entered the ruin of stupidity , a lot better than hell though non-blood boiling ignorance still remain. The difference between blood boiling ignorance and non blood boiling one is that the latter will learn one day and is actually a part of growing up while the former is just stupidity without any cure . I am still in the latter group and I know that lots of people are still in this stage because of the lack of experience so all is good and inoffensive .

Hope that one day , I can escape to the haven where offensive stupidity cease to exist or at least , it cease to exist within my sight .



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