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People don’t understand why old timers keep complaining about how they don’t make anime like they used to . I didn’t understand it as well , that is until I found out the charm and atrocity of  older anime.

People always use the argument on how 80s anime are actually god awful to back up the fact that anime back then is not any better than anime now , which is true but they don’t really understand that the awfulness itself is one of the charm . Yes , a lot of older anime fail, but they have the balls to fail so hard , it became a charm which you can’t find nowadays .

I will think that the 80s to early 90s is still in the stage of trial and error , coupled with the fact that companies and sponsors have tons of money to spare for anime , lots of works are really experimental in a sense as they don’t follow any guide lines at all. The plot of old anime are bold , imaginative , extreme and most of the time crazy.  These qualities in return give people surprises and variations , even if they suck .

Whereas nowadays , the anime industry has matured and most animators understand the basic of how to create a show to sell . This however resulted in too many anime following the guidelines too closely and hence producing tons of generic show . You just can’t find the absurdity of like say, Dog Soldier in anime nowadays when it was aplenty during the 80s and 90s . If you think of it , Anime that suck  nowadays aren’t really that sucky. Akane iro Somaru is just generic and mediocre to the extend of being boring and it wasn’t bad in the sense of ridiculous bad .  This lack of boldness and originality  fail to appeal .People love variations , they prefer to watch 9/10 failed curve ball than 10/10 generic safe straight balls.

If you really pay attention to the talks between older fans ,you will come to realise that as much as they love to celebrate the true great works , they always never fail to mention about the absolute garbage as well . Sure , they might enjoy them ironically but they sure did have more fun with the garbage then than with the garbage now.

Other than the garbage being produced then is better than the garbage now , it’s also a fact that lots of animator start their directing début before they hit the age of 30 during the 80s . This is how bold anime are willing to be whereas you most director nowadays are either veteran or over the age of 50 . Even Satoshi Kon at age 47 is considered young when Hiroyuki Yamaga début with Wings of Honneamise when he was 24. This is yet another charm that you can only find during the early days.

To add on , the lack of strong niche fanbase during the early days helps to minimise the number of pandering series . Nowadays , most show must either have bishonen to attract fujioshi or girls that look like 12 years old to pander to lolicon . I am not saying that older anime don’t pander but the ratio of pandering series is definitely higher now as the fanbase to pander to are more obvious and solid than they used to be.

That’s not all but I will stop now.

Regardless , as much as I understand the “They don’t make anime like they used to” complain , I will still say that I enjoy modern anime as much as the older one . But now I am too conformed with the art style of 80s and 90s anime , post 2000 series are a little hard to follow. Not to mention , lots of series aren’t as extreme as they used to be . For example , I couldn’t see myself watching Highschool of the Dead when there are so  many other exploitative ova and films from the 80s that are more extreme and more entertaining yet have a shorter running time than HotD .  I don’t know about you but I rather watch real sex and more creative beheading in 1 and a half hours than the restricted and tame  6 hours HotD. Yes! HotD is tame when compare to the craziness of Yoshiaki Kawajiri , Kazuo Koike and Go Nagai . That’s how ridiculous yet charming anime are during the early days , all thanks to the thriving oav market.

On an unrelated note , Wolf Rain and Evangelion are old school? Ha! Even though I used the term “old anime” for 80s and early 90s anime in this post for convenience sake, I still believe that real old school are those from the black and white era.



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