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If you know my top 10 anime , you will find that it is full of inconsistency with lots of oddballs such as Kanon 2006 and KGNE popping out like shit among flower bed . Sometimes I am also baffled by my own preference in anime and thought to myself why I liked those show when I usually prefered show that is of their opposite spectrum. Not to mention , I actually agreed on their flaws and complains pointed out by others . If you don’t know yet , one of my favourite hobby is plodding through the internet , searching for flames on Kanon 2006 because it is really fun reading all the criticisms. I guess it is some sort of masochism but well , liking anime and proclaim that you liked anime while wearing a Tengen Toppa Cospa shirt when anime are being looked down at as some dirty nerd entertainment is sort of masochism as well . I guess I am used to it and is able to treat it as something natural or something .

However there must be reasons why I liked such flawed series in the first place and after much contemplation , I came out with some .
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