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Worst show ever? Not worthy for that title.

Mars of Destruction is stupid, weak and a waste of time but worst show ever? Man, people from MAL disappoint me. Do they even watch anime? How can Mars of Destruction be the worst show ever when it was so tame and not really that boring? I can easily name 30 series that are worse than MoD.

Now we all know that” the worst show ever” have two meanings. The first being that it is so boring that it’s bad and the other one being that it is not actually terrible because it is the most awesome thing in life. In other words, so ridiculous awesome that idiots who think that they are sophisticated can’t comprehend. Some called the second type of worst “so bad, it’s good” but I don’t buy that because I think they are genuinely good because they entertain. Not to mention, it’s paradoxical and illogical for something bad to be good.

Anime like Hoshizora Kiseki, Mizuiro, Yotsunoha, Kowarekake no Orgel and Del Power X belong to the first definition of boringly bad. They are boring because nothing substantial happen. They are too tame and mediocre but they are so meh, you don’t even have any expectation for them to be disappointed or get angry about.  These mediocre series are also not morally corrupt or popular enough for you to hate because nobody likes them and they tanked like they are supposed to. For one, Del Power X is so obscure that the fansubber tried really hard to get a LD version of it. For the other shows, have you even heard of them?

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When you have the best anime , you must have the worst anime also right? SO what is the worsest worst anime in the whole wide world! Don’t blink your eye and behold. The worst anime MUST goes to …… TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANNNNN!!!!!!

Fuck that shit , shitsux , I will tell you why that show stupid suck .

1st , the animation ,  what the hell is that shit , every second of it is  mind blowing while blending in slapstick element with funky , futuristic style of animation . That must be shit ? Serious is always the best ! THE old animation must win the futuristic one RIGHT? Mind blowing sound like blowjob and blowjob is always bad ! Blowjob does not feel great right? RIGHT! Not to mention , the animation is made by GAINAX , that cow milking  company that made the shit Eva , Eva suck ! So every of their title must suck unlike the magnificent ACC PRODUCTION .* Glitter Glitter*

2nd the sound :

What sound? I can’t frigging hear any sound . The background music blend in sooo well with the animation , it is like it never exist! Thing that never exist while existing is contradiction ? Contradiction must get OBJECTION! right? Phoenix give OBJECTION! when something is wrong ? So blending in so well with the animation must be wrong ? WRONG MUST BE BAD RIGHT! RIGHT!

3rd the story:

Believe in the me who believe in the you , if i expertise in  digging the ground , I can pierce through the heaven!!!!!! I can use my small drill and make BIG BIG hole onto a BIG BIG man! With my drill , every blue headed will be retard while every red headed will have big breast . I am not a gay , I am SHIIITMON!!!!!! Everyone die and story ends. 1/10 Row Row FIGHT THE POWAH AND POKE THE ASS!!!

That must be the worst story ! Even some ketchup running around committing bestiality with cute monster that rub their face endlessly is better than this POS.

4th , Enjoyment.

This will be it only redeeming point . It is soooo bad it is good.

I will give you a glimpse on how fucking shit it is , this must be the shock of your life , the discovery of the worsest worst anime in the whole wide world!  Shining Wind X Tear , Anyone you can do , I can do better ,  Crystal Triangle and Koizora are gold compare to this shitty anime . It is a anime about shit , suck, bad animation , so retard it turns into a comedy , slice your head ,poke the ass and everything shitty . Behold THE WORST PART IN THE ANIME!!!


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