And I played around enough to understand aperture, focal length, shutter speed, ISO and shit like that. I also understood the limitation of a lousy lens and how it requires great master skill to compensate it. I also know how to take picture with bokeh effect, badly. 

I don’t even like photography, I don’t think it’s that fun but I guess it’s a good skill to learn. I also found out that  similar effect from photography can translate to video very well and learning photography is way easier than videography, at least that’s what I think after playing around with both of them.

I also did a stupid short to learn editing. It’s difficult.

I started this blog when I was 16, almost 6 years ago. I thought I was smart whenever I posted something. Then I read back after 3 months, or even 3 years later and found them to be utterly embarrassing. It’s difficult to be smart or even coherent by the age of 16, or 17, or 18, or 19 or even 30 for that matter. Luckily, there are large amount of rubbish in here to obfuscate  the more outlandish rubbish.

So I thought to myself, how should I clear this shit up? Then I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t give a fuck because if I do, it will mean that I am taking this too seriously. As a side note, I find those who whine the most are those who are too serious and calculative about every single minor things. They have long lost their sense of humour and became cynical.

In life, there are only a few things you should take seriously. One, your life, two, your responsibilities as a human being and three, other people’s life. I might miss out on ten other more important things in life but I am certain that opinions in anime, blog, games and other form of entertainment are few examples of things that you shouldn’t be too serious about.

Being too caught up on unquantifiable opinions that are all too common for media is unhealthy and judging a person by what they have written on the internet is a terrible practice because you are making too many assumptions from too little information. Light hearted ridicule as you may but never judge.

For example, if someone likes twilight, you might assume that he or she is dumb for not noticing the obvious flaws of the movie but in reality, he or she might just not give as much shit as you in movie. You might argue that they are intellectually lazy but aren’t we all with things that doesn’t seem important to us? I am sure food connoisseurs are utterly disappointed in the rubbish we consume and lament the laziness in our effort of finding good food when they are so obvious in their eyes. We are intellectually dumb to them because only stupid idiot put rubbish in their mouth when good food is just like right beside them.

With that say, I believe that everyone of enough importance or maturity would at least has this level of sensibility so I am not really worry about how people judged me by how or what I wrote on my shitty blog when I was(am?) stupid.

Of course, you can be enthusiastic but if you bring your passion so far that you feel anger and legit mental strains then you know you are in some deep shit.

But how do you know that you are in too far? For example, if you look at the giant bomb quick look of Ultra Street Fighter 4 and felt that they are doing the disservice to it by not promoting the intricate mechanics of the game and get angry enough to response to it, you might be insane.

Why? Because it’s not important. You are just feeling angry because you think that this “sub standard” review will harm the game you love so much and you have the duty to protect with all you got because isn’t protecting the shit you like the ultimate test of love?  Shonen manga( the ultimate barometer for the most important lesson you should learn in your life) teaches us that all the time but if you get out of the realm of shonen manga, you just sounds like a little shit that takes unimportant things too seriously.

However, don’t misconstrue what I just said. Anime, games or other form of entertainment can and do implicates on serious issue and I think that treating these implication with certain level of seriousness is commendable. Yet do suggest or expect that everyone to give a fuck about it might be a little too much. Regardless, what you should do in this instance is to share but not preach because you can’t convince those whose mind are set but you might interest those who are curious.

I think that I would regret this post right after 3, 2,1… …

and thus the endless cycle of pride-> self hatred-> regrets after posting something on the internet begins.


Francois’ Langur is a monkey with a Mohawk. They are cool. I like them.

Samurai Flamenco just gave the fuck up on itself. It’s all supposition on my part but I think they realised that they don’t have the budget to keep up on what they envisioned so they decided to go all out and turn absurd in hope that it will catch on and turn viral. Too bad it’s too trite and kinda shitty. That is the only explanation I had with how the quality of the script that gave us awesome clever lines like mask rider being a illegal biker and production value high enough to make a silly scene of chasing over an umbrella had so much heart suddenly turned into something cliche and boring.

The first sign of things to come is the sudden shitification of Goto. Goto was your realist cynical man who had lost all passion in life. He was smart, sarcastic and acted totally like a real human being. Then he became a boring person who says cheesy shit. Before episode 3, when asked why he became a police officer, you might expect him to say something like he did it because he had passion in becoming a hero but realise it’s not what it seem and the only reason he kept on with it  is because it is an easy job. But NO!  For some reason, he went through shitification and act like he had some tragic back story to tell instead.

Red Axe was suppose to be that washed out artist that tried to use Samurai Flamenco to regain back his fame but I don’t think they followed that through.

Flamenco girl should be something more interesting that told us the double face of a pop idol but she just kinda became a one note character that stomp people nuts.

Samurai Flamenco should be a story about a silly boy trying to be a vigilante and ended up failing but learned something along the way while rekindling the passion of a jaded guy . It should be light hearted and witty but then it turned all serious and stupid.

I am utterly disappointed with it.

I bet that you’ve heard a lot about cloud technology and  how it can change your life. Too bad, most country are very wary of copyright issues and moral ethnic to fully utilize it. Xunlei being a China company just don’t give a fuck and provides you the best tool for piracy using cloud technology.

I have been using xunlei for quite a while, it is one of the few choices you have if you want to download chinese media. They have a cloud storage sharing site like your mega and rapidshare. It’s called Xunlei kuai chuan. It’s pretty nifty and you can use it for free with decent speed of around 200kb/sec provided you use their personal download manager.

That was the max speed I had before I upgrade my  broadband to fibre. But now it’s just too slow and I am quite fed up when I am downloading files that are 20 over gigabytes. I was using their bare minimum lite version of download manager but I said fuck it, I would just download the full version to see if I can optimize the speed or something. Then a whole new world opened up for me.

The full version of xunlei had its own video streaming app and an offline download option on top of being a nifty download manager. Too bad, in order to use these services, you had to pay for their membership fee. They gave you a 15mins trial period to show you how fast your max download speed can be and it reaches my max limit within seconds.  With that, I just can’t tolerate the slow ass speed of 200kb per second anymore and tried to look into its membership scheme.

It costs like $3 per month so why not? Too bad, its payment system is for Mainland China only but there are some roundabout ways to use a 3rd party site to purchase a china prepaid mobile card to top up your xunlei account for its membership. One good site for that is I know it sounds sleazy but it’s actually quite decent and not a scam.

After activating your premium account, it gave you fucking 2 Petabytes of cloud storage. 2 Petabytes is like 2000 terabytes! That’s fucking crazy amount of storage if you don’t understand. It can fits like the whole library of Ps2 games and had like 99% left. It can have 26 years in length of HD videos. 26years in length is like 227911 hours, in full HD. You read the Internet and not many company provides you with 2 petabytes of data storage, especially not when it costs like $3 per month. There’s something shady in here and I have no idea how the fuck xunlei can provide you with such huge storage with so little but I don’t really care.

To add on to that, xunlei also provides you with their ultra fast server to download shit into this 2 petabytes of storage. What that means is that you can download terabytes of data within seconds. In other words, it can download the data of your computer within seconds. That’s like 1 terabytes/second download speed.

So what can you do with this? You can pretty much download the whole internet into this storage for backup. Download links die like flies nowadays but with this storage, you wouldn’t have to be afraid because once it’s stored in the storage, it would always be there till the day xunlei dies. You can always retrieve them later on by downloading the files into your desktop from your storage.

The best part is xunlei also provides their internal streaming application that renders almost any type of video format. What this means is that you can download video files into this cloud storage and be able to stream it with this app. So naturally, normal people like me would download terabytes of porn collections from torrent site and view them on xunlei, thus creating your own personal and reliable porn streaming site within minutes.

It’s too good of a deal if you think about it. How could they have the budget to provide normal users with this kind of service? How can they secretly and quietly, became the best cloud storage system and overwhelms huge company like google and dropbox just with the support from mainland China users? What can they gain from these? $3 per month is too cheap for these kind of service considering that you need like $10 per month for your own wordpress server and I doubt that they give you 2 petabytes of storage. It’s shady business and everyone knows it but the benefits you gained prevents you from scrutinizing it.

It also begs another question. Is this the future of cloud storage technology? Giving normal users petabytes of storage and ultra high speed servers with browser apps to stream services to your home computer with little to no cost? I would like to believe in that and the the whole pc industry would change drastically as this would obsolete the needs for hard disk.

Chuuni is not a good thing.  I think people have misconceptions on what chuuni really is. Chuuni is the mental state of a 13 years old kid who thinks that he is so edgy and special when he is not. They are people who try to act mature and utterly failed. They think they are sophisticated and have deep and meaningful understanding on life but in reality are just little dipshit who understands nothing. Chuuni is irritating. People on facebook posting deep sounding philosophical quote and act as if they understand shit are chuuni. People trying too hard to act all melancholy and introspective, thinking that they are oh so sad and filled with emotion when they lived in a first world country with all the comfort in the world are chuuni. Type Moon in particular is 10/10, break through the heaven kind of fucking chuuni.

428 is an awesome game. It might not deserve a 40/40 famitsu score but I think that score is out of good will to encourage people to pick it up as it will just descend to obscurity without its special recommendation. It’s the spiritual successor of chunsoft previous sound novel, Machi. It utilize real actor and a story telling mechanic where you can change between characters and the choices they affect the stories of the other characters. You might think that using real actor photographic stills is lazy and budgeted but when they show you their behind the scene in the credit, you would be shocked that they actually acted the whole scene out. In other words, they have real time footage of scenes but instead, chooses some of the still shots from these scenes instead of playing it all out as a video.

The game is great throughout with memorable characters, hassle free mechanics,  interesting take on cause and effect and generally tongue in cheek but with lots of lots of heart and sincerity.

For example, one of the story is about an asshole reporter who is all hot blooded and professional but doesn’t give a shit with how he deals with people. He pisses off a waitress with his erratic antics and ordered a pasta with tons of cheese and the waitress served him a pasta and with a mountain high of cheese, thinking that she had one up him. He didn’t give a shit and chow that noodle down thinking that shit is fucking good.

Then there’s this mysterious part time worker who was stuck in a cat mascot suit. It’s is very adorable and the situation she was in with her boss being a victim of countless of fraud pyramid scheme products and her struggle to make sure that their next product will be successful so she can received her pay is hilarious and light hearted fun.

There is also a gangster looking guy who loves shibuya so much that he went around picking garbage and being ecologically aware. In one of the many bad ends, he tried to help a girl(main heroine who is really moe but is depicted by a real actor so no animeish moe moment) to carry her heavy suitcase that contains ransom for the kidnapper of her sister because he is too nice of a guy. Too bad, he looks like a hooligan so the police arrest him, thinking he is the kidnapper.

You also have this badass professional taxi driver who can drive you anywhere even when the traffic is packed like a densely accumulation of ants that surrounds a dead cockroach who died from eating too much shit.

The game is filled with these colorful characters and you can see how they work together to save shibuya from a terrorist attack. The many bad ends are hilarious and they include near death from diarrhea, cat costume travel through dimension, hypnotizing customer to purchase useless product, losing in scissors paper stone and many others. Yes, the game went all nuts with its plot but in the end, it culminate into something heart warming, funny yet suspenseful story. There’s also the true ending of how a poorly drawn plastic bottle sacrifices himself so he can make a methane gas monster made up of pollution self explode in midair without any harm to shibuya.

Then there’s that Type Moon guest writer bonus scenario which is a prequel to that Canaan anime. It’s terrible and fucking self indulgent. It contrasts with the main game by being all overly serious and edgy. You have exposition after exposition of complicated sounding shit to explain simple stuff like social engineering which they called social hacking ingame because Nasu Kinoku really don’t know wtf he is talking about.

Social engineering can be easily explained by giving a simple analogy on how you can just act like the owner of a site and asked for a password from customer service or something but no, they went all edgy and uses serious sounding sentences like detective procedure to exploit lapse in the depth of the human mind as humans are the only possible security errors when system has perfect mechanical security. It is needlessly complicated and tries to hard to make the author look smarter than he really is.

It also spend tons and tons of time explaining how Canaan uses all her five senses so she can smell words and therefore is a dangerous primitive beast and best assassin ever. After that, they went on on how Alphard is all emotionless and cold hearted because she wants revenge and gets all psychopathic as she needs to throw away all emotions. It’s filled with dry passages after dry passages describing human nature, revenge, evil and all other deep sounding philosophical issues like the author had figured up everything in life when in reality, all of what he said sounds overly angst and melodramatic.

It’s insufferable, dull, self indulgent and outright pretentious. I read Kara no Kyoukai and it is filled with these kind of shit as well. It’s typical Type Moon stuff but people thought it’s meaningful when it really isn’t. It’s just Nasu Kinoko suffering from chuunibyou and can’t stop acting all self important in his prose.

I lie and told everyone how I have been just playing hentai games after hentai games. Which is kinda true but in actuality, out of all the text adventure games I played, only 4 of them are eroge and the rest are all age wholesome stuff about brutal murders or quirky courtroom drama. Muv Luv, Muv Luv Alternative, G Senjou Maou and Yuno are the only eroge I completed so far.

Yuno is the father of eroge. It’s a pioneer and it revolutionizes how a hentai game can be played. Common eroge has contradicting endings because most of them have you choose a girl you want to fuck and show you her story while ignoring the other endings. Yuno provides the idea of jamming pseudo science and lumps all the endings as part of a huge multi-verse. It even provides you with a gameplay mechanics where you can make way points to jump around in these multi-verse. It starts the trend where you see eroge trying to make an effort to explain its multiple endings structure and culminate the whole story to its true ending.

Too bad, modern visual novels such as Muv Luv, Ever 17, 999, Little Buster and the huge amount of one true end visual novel  have further perfected what Yuno had done so the impact of it isn’t as huge as it was during 1996 if you played it today. Its main character is also a pervert and 90% of his lines are about panties and tits.

The sexual content are needlessly prevalent and sometimes can be in bad taste. In the end, you pretty much feels like he would just fuck everyone, including his own elf daughter which is like 5 years old but in an 18 years old body, which unsurprisingly totally happen near the end of the game. Through some twist of fate, you also fuck another of your half elf daughter and also your stepmother. You pretty much fuck all the girls that appear in the story. Either that or you see them naked.

G Senjou no Maou is a battle of wits story. However, like most battle of wits story, it fell into the trap of trying to make a character look smarter than they really are. The number one way of doing that is to have charcter make ridiculous assumptions that are totally correct through baseless observation. First, they let you on to the details of a crime. then they  bring in a detective character that reveal the plan through deduction from tiny clues. Since you as a viewer already knew the details of the crime and knew that the detective deduction were correct, when the detective link these tiny clues to reveal the big picture, you were make believe that it’s logical to make these assumptions from these tiny clues even though they are in actuality, very far-fetched. Hence you were tricked into believing that the detective character is smart even though they just used your preconceived knowledge to make sense out of nonsensical baseless assumptions.

Either that or they just make the character somehow know things through vague and baseless things like knowing your opponents so well that they can predict every second of his moves, which I might add is impossible in real life.

Still, if you don’t scrutinize it, you might be tricked into thinking that it’s really smart and enjoyed the ride, which I did. The final chapter though is quite abrupt with its revelations. People suddenly just became your childhood friends and you suddenly had an older brother. True, they had some foreshadowing but the foreshadowing are not build up enough to make it less abrupt. Childhood friend promise is also the stupidest thing to romantically link seemly unrelated characters because as a real person living in a real world, you should understand the notion that children are fucking stupid and no sane person would or should take their words seriously.

G Senjou does not understand subtlety as well. Metaphors are jammed into your face, explained throughly and repeated constantly to remind you how awesome they are to make such an awesome metaphor that is in no way not awesome.  The final epilogue also have sledgehammer like words, picture and music to tell you how to feel. People actually feel something about it and feel the power of love through clumsy writing like those. What the fuck.

I ended up not very impressed by these two works even though I still appreciate what Yuno had done and how G Senjou could sometimes tricked me into thinking that it’s quite smart.

I also ended up playing Ever17 and 428. They are not eroge. That’s enough for today because I love 428 so much that this might ended up in the range of 5000 words.



I always tell people how my favourite genre in game is text adventure and my all time favourite game is Famicom Detective Club 2 on the SNES. After hearing that, all of them would just quietly back out and outright ignore me for the rest of their life.

Even though I love text adventure games I have never ever play a full length visual novel in my life until recently. I played some short doujins one and tons of detective text adventure games but I had never went down the path of choosing a girl you want to fuck.  I started on Muv Luv because I actually like KGNE and wanted some new experience in life. To my surprise, Muv Luv is easier to read than I expected so I kept going with it.

Technically, Muv Luv is separated into 3 games, Muv Luv Extra, Muv Luv Unlimted and finally, Muv Luv Alternative. When people talk about Muv Luv they are talking about Muv Luv Alternative but the first two games are needed for that buildup. That being said, Unlimted isn’t that bad anyway and Muv Luv Extra can be tolerable if you are a fan of KGNE.

On a side note, it’s better to have watched KGNE and Akane Maniax because they can enhance your Muv Luv experience  as there are crossovers of characters and references they made in Muv Luv will thus holds more weight. There are some crossovers from Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu too but wtf is that anyway.

Muv Luv Extra is your usual wacky harem choose your girl slice of life bullshit with generic lousy forced drama type of visual novel. It is tolerable at best but thankfully easy to read. However, it can also be outright brutal when you are stuck with a character that you don’t like. If you want to get over it quickly which I recomend, you’ll only need to read the 2 main routes. They share like 90% of the text and are the only requirement to unlock the second game, Muv Luv Unlimited.

With that said, I still went on and did all the routes because I have to fuck every single fictional girl out there to fill up the emptiness in my life. It does however add quite a lot of context for the next two games so not all my time is wasted. Still, Chizuru route is stupid as hell and worthless in terms of adding context so fucking skip it unless you have a thing for her.

Things that you might like to know, it takes around 11 hr for the 2 main routes, 3-4 hrs for each side routes)there are 3 of them) and 30mins for all the bad ends.

After you are finished with Extra and collect all the dem CGs, you can march on to Unlimited. When you first start the game, your childhood friend is gone and the world is in some post apocalypse state. You went out of your room and find GUNDAM and get all excited because GUNDAM is finally real.

You went to school, found out that it’s a military base now and got thrown into detention barrack because no one knows you in this world. You saw your physic teacher and asked for her help but she doesn’t recognize you. She however find you interesting after knowing that you came from another dimension and start placing you through basic military boot camp. Why? Because this world is destroyed by aliens and 5 billion people had died and she needs more soldiers.

In this boot camp you can find all your girlfriends that you have fucked in the the previous game but they are all now strong and dependable unlike you who is some useless piece of shit because you don’t know how to army. They hate you for being so useless and tell you how pathetic you are. You went on being a pathetic weakling because military stuff is harsh and everyone besides you are proud and harden Nihonjin who are willing to die because they had never experience peaceful life at all.

That being said, things are still kinda light-hearted fun because it accentuates how you are this stupid and naive robot otaku trying to live in this harsh world with all your girlfriends who are turning into stranger. It’s also kinda play out when you became KIRA YAMATO in terms of robot piloting because you had done this countless time in videogames.

The story then progresses and you gets to fuck one girl and the whole world got destroyed. The end.

Technically, you only require to complete one route for Unlimited to get the whole story because all the other routes share 95% of the same text. The changes are some non eventful dialogs changes and which girl you end up fucking. However You should try the extra route which will be unlocked after completing any one end. It leads in very well to Muv Luv Alternative and  it takes only  10 min.

In total I would say that Unlimited takes around 10 hr for one completed route, 20min for other side routes(not recommendable or required at all) and 10 min for that extra unlocked route.

After all that meandering around Muv Luv Alternative happens.

BAM! JAM PROJECT IN YOUR HENTAI GAME! You know they are serious with this one.

Muv Luv Alternative starts off with a timeloop and you are back to the war torn apocalyptic world again. The difference now is that you have carried over your previous save file from the two other games so you are now this awesome soldier with 3 years worth of experience. You also acquired the knowledge of what is going to happen so you intend to do it right this time. With that, you breezed through boot camp because you are all  “been there done” that and won everyone’s trust. The tables have turned, instead of being the noob like in Unlimted, your girlfriends are all the noob now.

Spoiler below!

Everything went so wel land you think you are awesome. You went to fight some alien and got totally destroyed like a fucking fool. You seat there moping and your instructor came to console you. You picked up your courage after words of encouragement .You turned around and CHOMP, instructor’s head got beaten by alien! Good JOB, super soldier, now go cry in one corner and be all PTSD.

After this event, more fuckup shit happens and it just kept on one-up fucking the last fuckup and you will be left all fucked and broken. It’s brutal, hopeless and agonizing but situation turns for the better because characters actually exercise logic and pragmatism.  LOGIC and PRAGMATISM! Now that’s rare in my anime game.

For example, you actually get sensible logic for seemly fanservice anime bullshit like how the male got drafted first and that explains why you have so many female soldiers instead because most of the men were killed. And most of the time, those who stand correct are the one who uses cold calculative predictions and data  because logic wins over feeble anime emotions.

In other words, every single action was planned, calculated and executed without leaving things to chance or miracles. There are back up plans after back up plans and no corners were left unchecked. No one gets all anime-ish at any certain point of time so everyone is all mature and srsbzn because there is no time for anime hijinks. The whole game reeks of fuck anime and their peaceful idealism because this is a fucking war and generic anime shit would never work here because aliens are killing everyone.

After that, things happen,JAM PROJECT, EXPLOSION, GUNDAMS, YOSHINARI KOU and BAM! The end.

So yes, that’s my summary of the plot and I doubt I can find another visual novel like Muv Luv as it’s one of the best story I’ve experience throughout all known entertainment mediums I have seen. Legend of The Galactic Heroes is the best parallel for Muv Luv that I can draw in the anime realm because they are that kinda similar and yes, I am very serious when I said that.

With that all said and done, I think I will try Yu-No next to see whether Muv Luv is the exception to the rule or all the fuck anime girls game are actually that great.

I seldom blog now because I just write stuff on facebook.  Facebook forces you to summarize your thoughts and comment them in  a bite sized, witty and to the point manner because no one would read a facebook post that seems too long. That satisfies me enough and constructing sensible long essay really isn’t my forte. I am better with one liners. However, Deadly Premonition is not something that can be summarized because I had that nagging feeling of needing to write something  but couldn’t come out with words to describe it. I can only call it crazy, messed up, fuck up and other one liners like these because it’s just too much of a strange experience to put it into bite size commentary. I just can’t leave it at that because it’s so much more.

I mainly want to write about the experience of playing it and the fucking ending. Disclaimer, this will be just me rumbling because I need to do it. There wouldn’t be any explanation or detailed plot synopsis of what I am talking about because that’s not my motivation for this post. This post is just a mental exercise for me to digest Deadly Premonition because I HAVE TO FUCKING WRITE THIS SHIT! So I would think that this post would ended up akin to some confusing babbling of a madman.

First the ending. God damn the ending. The ending is so repulsive that it affects me so much even though I had seen way worst stuff than this. I am not sure if I like how the Emily thing goes because I would like it if they go for a happier route and cut all those disgusting implied rape scene.

Forrest Kaysen makes me boil with hatred. If you scrutinize the way he was written, it’s so obvious that he is cheaply written and very emotionally manipulative. Swery65 just used the cheap way out and disgust you by implying that he raped Emily. It’s fuck up, lousy and overbearing way of writing a character.

His origin and motivation is also a mess because there’s no substance or justification behind them. He is evil just because he is a ball of evil. No explanation, no justification and not much sensible motivation. He is too shallow to invoke any feeling other than passing him off as lousy silly writing.However he managed to overcome that, he managed to cross the cold logical part of me and make me angry. I am angry not because he is written lousily (like how I was angry of Lelouch from Code Geass not because of his action but how stupid he was written) but because he really makes me angry. Swery65 had managed to use the simplest, cheapest and vilest trick to truly enraged me.

I fell into the manipulation because I like Emily as a character a little too much. She is interesting and her interaction with York is natural, funny and quirky. I want to see them together and hope nothing bad happens but god damn she got the worst hit. What Kaysen did to her just make me sick to the stomach and makes me wonder how much better if Swery didn’t just go to this route.

It doesn’t make much sense anyway to make the shit turns for the worst. It’s there for the twist and shock value and sure as hell it works because I am still affected by it. But from a storytelling point of view, it doesn’t really work, why did Kaysen choose Emily? What’s the motivation behind all this other than to shock the player by taking the most repulsive route? It didn’t work as a redemption for York/Zach too because what the fuck did he do other than failing at saving someone? He also couldn’t manage to adhere to his father’s word because he didn’t managed to kill Emily. The theme isn’t established and the message is not delivered so what’s the point of all that other than making you feel like a piece of shit?


I really hope for an alternate ending where things get better. I also refuse to believe the implied rape because it’s only implied.  The ending doesn’t work. the story doesn’t work. If you think about it, Zach is just a failure in life because all he does is fails in his mission and imagine shit up to make him feel better. He is a weak and shitty character.

If that’s what the story is going for then it’s fine. If all the forrest Kaysen, otherworld shit and emily death are like what his daughter implied in the credit scene that it’s just Zach own imagination to overcome his traumatic life then it would make an amazing story. However, no, that’s not what it is. All the white room red room talk shows that the afterlife bullshit is not just  mere imagination. Then they have to go on and spoiled this plot theory by telling you that Forrest Kaysen might be some kind of alien that spread the red seed disaster.

There are many ways to make things better. For one, giving York a supernatural edge where he  an enter the world of the dead/dying would solve and explain things better. His origin of power can be from his mother because it’s mentioned that his father killed his mother to purge things not from this world. Having this power will also explain exactly how the fuck he can profile the criminals and know what excatly happen with tiny stupid hints. It will also explain the large amount of zombies that only he can see in the otherworld because they are the spirits that died 50 years ago from the event.

With that, Forrest Kaysen can also be explained as a spiritual entity that lived 50 years ago as a nihilistic military commander that conducts a purple gas hallucination superweapon experiment on a reclusive town.He died when the rain coat killer managed to garner his last ounce of sanity and finishes him off after ascending the clock tower.

Forrest Kaysen can only be seen by York and a selected few. Polly and Jim can see him because they have gone through the event  50 years ago and faced near death. Issac and Issiah can see him because they can interact with ghost, which is actually follows the cannon. Town folks see think that the Forrest Kaysen Polly, Jim and the twins talk about is just the dog Willie. This will also explain why the Forrest Kaysen you see didn’t age since 50 years ago from Polly’s photo.

The spirit of Forrest Kaysen goes around the world and haunt people that can interacts with him. He plants seeds into them to cultivate the red sapling which is the ingredient for the superweapon that he never managed to experiment fully as he was killed by the raincoat killer. York’s mom is one of the many victims of Forrest Kaysen. This will also explain all the other red seeds related death that York is investigating. York father killed his wife because she will bring about the red seed sapling which he knows is harmful due to it appearing in a case that he is investigating. He talk about purging the world from thing that doesn’t exist because he knows his wife can interact with the spiritual world and that’s how she got the seed planted into her by Forrest Kaysen.

The ingredient of the hallucination superweapon is the red seed, which is a parasitic plant that can only be cultivated in a womb like condition. The purple gas he emits still resides in the town soil and every time it rains, the gas will slow leak out and takes its effect. A mutated form of  the red sapling can also grow in town due to the contaminated soil even without a womb like  condition. Its effect is like a ecstasy drug that makes people goes though a short burst of irate. Due to it being a mutated form and not as strong as its original, the short burst of irate only happens sometimes.

George, a local sheriff found the effect of the seed when he went hunting for deers. He shot the deers but they don’t appear to be dead. After he cut open the deer stomach, he found that the deer is ingesting the red seed. The deer doesn’t appear to be dead because of the drug effect but George misconstrued it as the seed to immortality. He wants to be strong after being abused by his mother so he start to eat these seeds. He turned crazy and start that crazy ass cult that Anna, Becky, Carol and Thomas is in.

York’s saw the scene of his father killing his mother and repressed his memories and power. However, his repressed memories is leaking and that motivates him to investigate the red seed case that his late father conducted because through his leaking repressed memories, his intuitive told him that the red seed case is something important to him. He came to Greenvale one day while following this case. Thanks to the purple gas that resides in this town’s soil, the red trees that bores the red seed and being the whole origin place of Forrest Kaysen, it starts to elicit his repressed memories and power.

Spending so much time with Emily and Emily being a near dead victim once( that’s why the comment on how York said that he had seen Emily before when she shows him her back) causes some of York’s power to transfer to her. This is why he can interact with Kaysen who came back to town because he found a new target for his sapling in Diane. Too bad Diane was killed by George so he changed his target to Emily.

Then the game ending happens and everything is as followed (except of maybe Emily being able to died without getting the seed implanted into her). Now with him becoming Zach and all his repressed memories and power coming back to him, he can interact with Emily and they will have this bitter sweet ending where they are shown together. The dialogs of him with Polly about how he was reminded of a great friend that kept on fighting with him when he saw Kaysen photo will also make more sense since this “great friend” can be Kaysen and his fight with him finally allows Zach to overcome his inner demon.

This also opens up the possibility of a sequel in how Zach have to control his leaking power.

You see, just by giving York this ability, we can construct a tighter story than the original. Not only that, all the above paragraphs are totally canon and it’s a possible conclusion if not for that shocking stupid ending that try so hard to tie everything together and Kaysen being a fucking alien that was shown interacting with too many unnecessary characters. I have a faint idea that this might be more or less be what Swery really aim for due to the clues and how canon this story might be but I guess he couldn’t really fit into the game due to development hell issue. I heard stories about alternate endings and DLC stories before the director cut came out but I guess he couldn’t really do it due to some reasons… …

Whew, how did it end up like this? I have no fucking idea. I am satisfy now and I will just treat what I wrote as the true story because it’s more awesome that way. I found out that I haven’t even tell you my experience with Deadly Premonition but I had exhaust all my energy. I might do it the other day because other than the ending, it’s such an unique and quirky game that it might become one of my most memorable experience in life. Thinking of it, I think I won’t do it because so much raw emotion is put into this post. I think I have already shown you how Deadly Premonition is an experience that transcends game and I want to believe in that because the gameplay mechanics suck and it crashes on me 100 over times but I still managed to fully complete(100% achievement) it because it’s crazily awesome even though I might not like how the ending goes.

I have been playing lots of Euro Truck Sim 2 recently. My character is a grimed face manly old man named Old Man Chang. Old Man Chang drives a Black Iveco and crushes through the traffic of Europe. He likes to listen to radio. His favorite radio channel plays cutesy anime song because he is a manly old man, driving a manly old truck.

Recently he took a train from Belgium and went right through to Southampton. He is fucked up now because he needs to drive on the left side of the road and British drivers are all assholes who don’t give way and cut lane any old how.

Their warehouse are also located in some old ass farmhouse that only allows 50km per hour. Fuck that shit, Old Man Chang knows no law and just drive 90km straight through that bitch He flipped so he reload an auto save and flipped at the same exact location again while getting a speed ticket penalty. Never mind all that though because Steam gave him a “POWER & Safety” trading card right after that.

He sold that card for 0.13USD and spend like 1USD to purchase it back together with 6 other different card because Old Man Chang can’t resist that OLD MAN NEWBIE badge.

He likes to press enter after spending 5 hours parking the fucking trailer as well. Enter solves everything.

I have never lived a day where youtube doesn’t crash on me. I was watching some huge boobs bouncing around and what do you know? Fucking send error reports and script error ass shit happen.

Hanged my whole computer so I need to restart it. Guess what happened next? Adobe flash player asking for update. Update my ass! It never fixes anything. It just gives me this false sense of security that they have finally fix this broken piece of shit but no! Shit fucking crashes again right before some nipple slip. WTF is wrong with this shit and how the fuck can this product continue on?

I thought now youtube uses html 5 to stream video?  Why does it still ask for a flash player? OH! It’s still on trial? Get on with it already! I am ready for the future and is more than happy to just relegate all Flash products into 3D porn game or something.


  • It's like I want to play some ems from the first game but paying $30-50 for some songs with video is just fucking stupid. 2 hours ago
  • No chance they will appear again as dlc? Man, this is pushing me towards pirating the hell out of the 1st game if I have the chance. 2 hours ago
  • All EMS from the first game is gone and switched to field music? Oh my god, now I really feel cheated. 2 hours ago
  • Oh fuck, theatrhythm dlc tactic is quite awful. I already pay $50 for it, you want me to pay it again to get all the songs? 2 hours ago
  • Himizu is all subdued subtle shit though. Very very good performance with little to no hint of spottiness and japanese theatric. 4 days ago

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